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Philippine Manilla - 168 Air Force One Sauna


iGUIDE this time comes to 168 Air Force One is the biggest and most famous compound hotel in Philippine. The hotel is called 168 Air Force One because it just takes ten minutes by car to arrive at the airport in the capital. The entertainment place is honored as “Philippine Leopard”. Air Force One also provide Sauna service which attracts lots of tourists coming to relax.


Philippine Air Force One Is Well-known by Local People and Foreigner

168 Air Force One locates in Manilla metropolitan area, near the international airport and Asia Shopping Mall. It lies in the primary location of Manilla. Therefore, it has become the top-class club and biggest compound hotel with world sauna service. The multiple entertainment and sauna service has won Air Force One the name of “Philippine Leopard”. The feature is that the room types are labeled with the compartment on plane.

Philippine Manilla - 168 Air Force One Sauna

Though Air Force One looks old in the appearance, inside it is designed in elegant and exquisite style. The hall doesn’t have extravagant decorating works, but it seems to be in low-profile luxury style. Inside 168 Air Force One there are B1, 1F and 2F. B1 is the place exclusively for watching show by the bar, such as stage performance or sexy dance. 1F and 2F are rooms for massage service. Customers can choose to watch the show or enjoy the massage.

Philippine Manilla - 168 Air Force One Sauna
A Compound Hotel Which Has Sexy Stage-walking, Multiple Entertainment and Sauna.

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 Hot Girls with Sexy Service – Manilla 168 Air Force One Sauna

There is a fishbowl for Sauna in Air Force One. The rooms are divided into three level following the order of compartment; economy class, business class and first class. The charges depend on the massage skills and the compartment. Each room has a luxurious bathtub. The higher the level is, the bigger the bathtub is.

Philippine Manilla - 168 Air Force One Sauna

Aside from these, the hotel has hostess walking on the T-stage with sexy swimsuits or dress every night, while customers sit in a sofa area like lounge bar watching them. Customers can choose the girls they adore to their boxes with only superficial contacts like hugs or kisses permitted. The beauties in Air Force One are levels of professional models; good fits, white and soft skins and pretty faces are making customers intoxicated. Except the appearance, the beauties’ shiatsu skills are awesome. Their professional and gentle massage and customized service will satisfy you no matter in shiatsu-half-set or oil-massage-full-set course!

Philippine Manilla - 168 Air Force One Sauna

Beauties Sitting in Boxes Are All Young, Beautiful and Hot.

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Manilla 168 Air Force One Sauna – Special Services Catering to Customers’ Need

The hostesses in Air Force One can be taken out after inviting to the boxes for singing and drinking. Mind that the taking-out fee doesn’t be included in hour fee, so customers need to negotiate with the hostess about the fees to take out beauties. Another thing to mention is that “taking out” doesn’t mean “taking out all night till daylight”. That’s what customers need to know.

Philippine Manilla - 168 Air Force One SaunaPhilippine Manilla - 168 Air Force One Sauna

Most hostesses will tell customers that they have to go back to Air Force One between 3 am and 7am. because beauties’ wage settlement is counted by day instead of by month. Also, the hostesses need to practice dancing after the business hour is over.

Philippine Manilla - 168 Air Force One Sauna

Sexy Pole-dance and Hot Twerk Express the Passion from These Hostesses.

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Notes from iGUIDE SAUNA

Charges in Philippine Manilla Air Force One Sauna:

Philippine Manilla-168 Air Force One Sauna Price

  1. Hostess’ hour fee is 120 CNY per hour, and beverage is charged additionally.
  2. Customers need to negotiate with the hostess about the “taking-out” fee, which doesn’t include hour fee. No more additional fee need to pay after negotiation is done.
  3. Some concierges or guards would ask you for tips. Just give them about 30 CNY prevent from their disturbance.
  4. There are about 80 girls serving Thai Bath and 100 hostesses at the dancing hall.

Philippine Manilla Air Force One

Tel:+63 2-820-1934 

Business hour:16:00-3:00

Address:888 Ninoy Aquino Avenue Parañaque 1705 Metro Manila Philippines

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