Thai Bath Center in Pattaya – Sabai Dee Sauna

Heaven of Men

Utmost Enjoyment

Thai Bath Center in Pattaya - Sabai Dee SaunaThai Bath Center in Pattaya - Sabai Dee Sauna


Coming to Thailand, you must not miss the best Thai Bath in the world sauna. Today we are going to take a look at Sabai Dee in Pattaya, which is called “Heaven of Men” and the origin of Thai Bath. Sabai Dee is the earliest developed Thai Bath center in Pattaya, and now it’s one of the top three Thai Bath center.


Sabai Dee Sauna – Thai Bath Center “So Big Bathroom”

Sabai Dee locates on Socond Road, north of Pattaya, which is very close to center of the city and therefore the traffic is very convenient. Pattaya has wonderful nightlife, sightseeing spots, aquatic activity, shopping, entertainment and delicious cuisines. Why not spend your time here while you need to relax? But here’s one thing; if you are not local or a regular customer, Sabai Dee is likely to raise the price for you. So it would be better to go with companions. It’s not only for safety but also for the mutual enjoyment you can share.

Thai Bath Center in Pattaya - Sabai Dee Sauna

The hall with extravagant decorating works and soft light shows how grand here is.

Thai Bath Center in Pattaya - Sabai Dee Sauna
Sabai Dee has a cute Chinese name “So Big Bathroom” so they can always attract tourists to come to this spot.

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In average, the whole Thai Bath course takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

Extraordinary Beauties on Your Demand –  Sabai Dee Sauna

As soon as you walk in, you can see the pink hall, where the “fishbowl” is. There are about 70 beauties in the fishbowl waiting for customers to choose. You can pick one you like directly after taking a seat in the hall and take a look. The higher the beauties cost more, the higher the level is.  Not only that, there are even many mixed-shawty for you to choose! Sabai Dee opens Sideline for customers to choose, which has the same high quality.

Thai Bath Center in Pattaya - Sabai Dee Sauna

It’s amazing to see beauties lining up in the pink hall.

 Sabai Dee Sauna – Certifications of Hygiene and Body Examination for Safety

In such a competing environment with so many Thai Bath Center, Sabai Dee has higher service level. Besides having 100% female professional skills, Sabai Dee charges less than other bath centers in Bangkok city. There is only one thing to pay attention: things like raising the price to a group of tourists happen often in Pattaya downtown, so it would be better if you gather some information about the prices to keep your cost at the lowest level.

Thai Bath Center in Pattaya - Sabai Dee Sauna

Every beauty in Sabai Dee undergoes body examination regularly. But as taking safety as the priority, we suggest customers do some protections before enjoying the service.

Thai Bath Center in Pattaya - Sabai Dee Sauna
Private room. enjoy your one-to-one relaxing massage.

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Thai Bath Center in Pattaya - Sabai Dee Sauna

Sabai Dee Sauna Information

Business Hour:14:00 pm – 12:30 am

Tel:+66 38-361-659

Address:435/52, Moo 9,2nd Road Pitaya, Pattaya, Thailand

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