Super Popular Thai Bath Center  – La Defense Sauna

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Super Popular Thai Bath Center  – La Defense Sauna


Located on Rama 9 road in BangKok, La Defense used to be called “Juliana”, which is a very famous massage center in world sauna. For the facilities are old, it is renovated, refurnished and renamed as “La Defense” to provide high quality Thai bath services.


Thailand La Defense Sauna – Exotic Style Thai bath

The majority of customers in La Defense is Japanese and Thailand local people; therefore, there will be lots of customers come by car. There are two entrance of La Defense; the front door is on Rama 9 road, while the side door is on the head of Rama 9 Soi 11 road. There’s a plaza for parking at the front door. After renovation, the decorating works in La Defense are modern and luxurious. There are Karaoke boxes, spacious health center, Japanese restaurant and private rooms and shower rooms. Of course, besides the upgrade of facilities, the quality of masseuses has improved a lot, and so has the serving quality.

Super Popular Thai Bath Center  – La Defense Sauna

The Colorful LED lights Shine on the Charming Poster, which Is Intriguing.

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Multiple Entertainment, Passionate and Hot– Bangkok La Defense Sauna

La Defense is equipped with high class “fish bowl” holding about fifty young and beautiful ladies dressing in graceful clothes. After picking the masseuse and bringing her into the luxurious rooms in different themes, the customers can enjoy the professional and soothing bubble massage bath in the private spaces. The considerate services will make you feel the charm never before.

Super Popular Thai Bath Center  – La Defense Sauna

Besides the ladies in the “fish bowl”, there are lots of part-time ladies in La Defense; of course, they may cost a lot, so we suggest those who want to give a try to measure their ability first. The prices of the ladies can be told from the English letter on the number card they wear. The ladies in “fish bowl” are divided into V, D and C level. Their service time is identically two hours, but in different prices. As for the part-time ladies divided into S, M, L, X levels, their service time is identically 90 minutes. The business hour of La Defense starts from 2:30 pm on weekdays, and from 12:30 pm till midnight on weekends. We would suggest those customers who want high quality ladies to go after 4 pm.

Super Popular Thai Bath Center  – La Defense Sauna

Besides Massaging Bath Service, There Are Hot and Passionate Performance Accelerating the Audience’s Heartbeats.

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A. Those who consume over 600 CNY can have cushion bed service.

B. Though the prices of the ladies are tag prices, they may fluctuate in response to the time period.

The charges in La Defense:

Super Popular Thai Bath Center Thailand La Defense Sauna Super Popular Thai Bath Center Thailand La Defense Sauna

Thailand BangKok La Defense Sauna

Tel:+66 2-319-7612

Business Hour:14:30-24:00

Official Website:

Address:ซอย พระราม 9 ชอย 11 Rama IX Rd, Khwaeng Bang Kapi, Khet Huai Khwang, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10310泰國

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