Supreme Macau Sauna – The Most Popular Sauna In Macao

The Sexy And Attractive Beauty From Japan, Vietnam, Europe

South Korea And Taiwan Are All In Supreme Sauna



Here we are in the red light district in Macau again! This time iGUIDE SAUNA Beauty Agent, has a strong sense of responsibility to find the best sauna place for you. Going down the alley behind Grand Lisboa Hotel, there is a sauna place called Supreme Sauna. It’s on the 5th floor of Hotel Fortune. As chatting with our Sauna Commissioner Martin, Doris found that the atmosphere there is elegant and relaxing. It’s the best place to release your pressure.


Supreme Macau Sauna – A high-class enjoyment in Macao Sauna

In adjacent area of Macau Sauna Emperor Hotel , Supreme Sauna covers approximately a hundred thousand square feet. The sauna is equipped with both drying room and steam room, hot and cold springs, spacious lounge and 24 massage rooms. You can watch live football or have free Internet at the lounge. They also offer free Eastern and Western-style snacks and beverages here.

Supreme Macau Sauna – The Most Popular Sauna In Macao

The sauna place provides services like massage, sauna, wiping back, foot kneading and etc. In the lounge, you can have the best environment, memorable enjoyment and attentive service.

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Macau Sauna Supreme – Once you try it in Macao and you’ll never go back

iGUIDE SAUNA Beauty Agent – Dolly also finds that there are nine kinds of services in Supreme Sauna. The charge depends on the kind of the service you choose. When the door opens, receptionists come to greet guests. The staff will take you to the locker to change your clothes. You can have the armband for your counter so that you don’t have to worry about others steal your belongings. You also can watch LCD TV in the bath area.

Supreme Macau Sauna – The Most Popular Sauna In Macao

Girls provide Wiping Back Service MOP 198 (about RMB 170 / MYR 110 / IDR 350 Rupee.) In fact, wiping back service is not so expansive as washing body which girls will clean your whole body except your face. Talking about his own experience, Martin smiled ambiguously.

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Darling Sauna Macau – Sauna feast in Macao

Macau Sauna Supreme – Beauties Worldwide Are Here for You to Choose

When you walk out from the bathroom, you can see few rows of sofa and TVs, several computers with Internet and dining area. If you are not hungry, then it’s time to start tonight’s big event-Live Doll Showcase. The sauna place doesn’t have showcase time so if you want the service, you have to require the manager for it.


There are about twenty beautiful ladies from Europe, Asia and Africa serving in the Supreme Sauna. Although there are not so many choices for customers, all girls here are definitely sexy and attractive. It’s a level of Sauna Worldwide. “Supreme Sauna selects their girls carefully.” said Martin. However, the manager also secretly told Martin that the service offered by Golden Cats which means girls from Russia are not quite good as comparing to Chinese girls.

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After choosing his favorite girls, Martin walks into the room, lie on the bed and start to enjoy the whole service to the fullest!


Adress:No. 63 Rua de Cantáo, Macau