Rio Sauna Macau Hotel – A Premium Macao Sauna

Magnificent high ceiling and extravagant decorating

Gives the casino the reputation for the best sauna in Macao



You can’t help but fixing your eyes on the magnificence of the building when traveling in Macau. This time, iGUIDE SAUNA Beauty Agent asks her friend, Jimmy, for “help” again. He will bring us to Rio casino finnish Sauna. It’s said that Rio Casino has the best sauna in Macau. Jimmy just can’t wait to share his experience with you guys. It seems to be a must-go destination when you travel in Macau.


Rio Sauna Macau Hotel – Professional Service in Macao

You need to wear bathrobe while entering the sauna place. Jimmy said that he was shocked by an extra-large jacuzzi at the first sight. After the bath service, Jimmy walked into the waiting room. The only word could be used to describe the room is “spacious”. Beds are cozy and comfortable. There is much space between beds, so guest can have their privacy.


Jimmy said he was shocked when he walked in the casino for the first time. There is a stylish lobby with a high ceiling decorating making it doesn’t look like it’s on the fifth floor. The receptionist is polite and friendly. They also can speak both Mandarin and Cantonese.


The receptionist will provide you few menus. One of them is free food menu. Cuisine on the menu are delicate and delicious. Jimmy also recommends you to try Pan-fried Oyster Blade Steak and Macau Pork Meatballs. Foods in Rio Casino are delicate and awesome.

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Sauna Macau Rio Hotel – The Highlight of the Show

There are two types of girls in Rio Casino-sexy ladies and attractive models. Rio Casino’s Dolls Showcase is held every 20-30 minutes. Managers will remind you when the show is beginning to start. So as Jimmy finished his desserts, the leggy girls held placards reminding him the start of the show. People all jostled their way to the second floor. The “foreplay” of the showcase is luscious pole dance by three sexy girls. They danced wildly while striping off clothes till they were all naked.


After the show, the host led girls to the stage. All ladies including the three pole dancers were also lining up in the front but chosen by other guests immediately. “When you look at a girl, she will also give you the glad eye. If you look them too long, you might be embarrassed as you not necessarily choose her for the service.” Said Jimmy.


“Girls there are appealing and luscious. Some of them are D-cup and almost 5-feet-6 tall. Those girls have top-model figures and beautiful faces. Every one of them has big watery eyes and perfect oval faces.” said Jimmy.

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Macau Rio Sauna Hotel – The Ultimate Enjoyment

After Jimmy chose his own beautiful lady, the manager asked Jimmy to go inside the room. While entering the room, Jimmy was shocked with this spacious room with king-size double bed and top-level equipment. There was a transparent bathroom larger than the chamber. A jacuzzi and a large waterbed are also in the bathroom. The girl had done the half-hour service on the Jacuzzi, and then she helped Jimmy to take a shower. After “the shower,” the girl did the service again on the bed. Services respectively on waterbed and real bed are definitely an amazing experience for Jimmy. This kind of service is only available in Rio Casino Finnish Sauna. After the service, the lady cleaned Jimmy up and held his hand leaving the room. The lady literally looked like Jimmy’s girl. Guest will stay in the room enjoying the service with full time. No wonder they can all have a memorable experience here.


Your ladies will provide you bath service on waterbed which is also known as “disabled bath service” to let you relax and enjoy the service to the fullest with their sauna service!

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Rio Sauna Hotel Macau

Adress:Rus de Luis Gonzaga Gomes 33, Macau

Phone: +853-28718-766