Macau Lili Massage Center - Special Sauna Service

Small but Surely

Affordable Special Sauna Service

Affordable Special Sauna Service - Lili Massage Center


Entering Lili Massage Center, you can see all the service items and prices hung on the wall. Pricing transparency is one of the features in Lili Massage Center. Located in Macau, a city with a plenty of saunas, iGUIDE SAUNA introduce for you, Lili Massage has made its own way. Against the extravagant and large scale strategy that other baths take, Lili Massage Center choose to reduce the size and simplify the settings in the shop. Without the big bath tub, the prices in Lili Massage are lower!


Lili Massage Center ─ Another Choice as Affordable Sauna

Besides providing professional massage, there are semi-self-service rooms for guests to rest. Lili Massage Center is the only one in Macau applying Japanese massage skill and using Australia aromatherapy oil to give customers the most comfortable experience. The masseurs are fully skilled, they can easily do Thai massage or back trampling very well. The careful and thoughtful skill will alleviate your pain and stress!

麻雀虽小五脏俱全、经济实惠另类服务 - 莉莉按摩中心

All the masseurs have passed body examination arranged by the government, so there’s no worry about the hygiene! It’s safe to hand your exhausted body to Lili Massage Center and hope them release your tiredness. Lili Massage Center would offer you staying one night in Exclusive Luxury suite for free if you choose one of their service. It’s definitely a good buy while you find a place to stay in Macau. 

麻雀虽小五脏俱全、经济实惠另类服务 - 莉莉按摩中心

Different from other extravagant large scale saunas, Lili Massage Center takes the strategy to open a smaller and affordable sauna to expand their market.

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Macao Sauna of Lili Massage Center ─ Male Masseur Providing Professional service

When it comes to sauna, most of the masseurs are female. But in Lili Massage Center, you can have an option to ask for male masseurs. It is said that male masseurs serve in different way, and some of them even have better techniques than female masseurs! Not only men need to relax, women also need to experience male masseurs’ mature skills to relieve their pressure. We assure that service here worth every penny, and the comfortable feeling would make you love Lili Massage Center!

麻雀虽小五脏俱全、经济实惠另类服务 - 莉莉按摩中心

In addition to exclusive room to enjoy private relaxing service, there are open area for customers who come in groups to experience together.

澳门莉莉按摩中心 - 经济实惠另类桑拿服务

Many types of professional massage techniques can be experienced here! If you really need to release the pressure, why not give a try in Lili Massage Center?

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Charges in Lili Massage Center:

Macau Lili Massage Center - Special Sauna Service

Lili Massage Center

Tel︰+853 28787354
Address: Rua de Malaca 46 – 124, Centro Internacional De Macau (Torre I), r/c
Business Hour:24hr

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