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Hello everyone, my name is Jimmy, who has taken you guys to experience the highest quality sauna hotel – Macau Sauna Rio Hotel . This time, Jimmy is going to introduce you another fantastic sauna hotel – Emperor Hotel with iGUIDE SAUNA. The hotel spent millions on interior renovations. They built the second floor, adding much-needed space. The first floor is the same as the original. It’s a lounge area, separated into few compartments, such as bathrooms, snacks area, pool, and rooms; the second floor is remodeled as the girls’ showcase, luxury VIP rooms and recreation area. And now Jimmy will take us to find out more!


Emperor Hotel Macau Sauna – Travel Recommendations of Macao Sauna

Emperor Sauna Place is in the 2nd and 3rd floor of Emperor Hotel, which is located in NAPE (Zona Nova de Aterros do Porto Exterior.) There are many casinos in the neighborhood, such as Wynn Macau and Grand Lisboa Macau. You can also see Golden Sauna Macau in a few blocks away from here. It’s also a traditional sauna place for both domestic and foreign tourists. You certainly can feel free to enjoy lounge area, restaurant, and luxury rooms. There is no casino in the hotel so that you can take a rest in chamber without any disturbances after the sauna services.


“Renovated Emperor is fresh and new.” said Jimmy. The pool and the recreation area are spacious and comfortable. The huge shower area, hot tub, and cool tub are all there. A central lighting system controls every kind of lights. All you need to do is enjoying the relaxing atmosphere in Emperor Hotel.


You can enjoy a nice oil massage when you lie down on a couch in the recreation area. It’ll release your pressure and relax your body. Jimmy also wants to remind you that don’t miss out on delicate cuisine and desserts provided by Emperor’s Kitchen. Also, the buffet bar will be free every Friday and Saturday, from 7 p.m. to the morning. Don’t miss it!

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Emperor Hotel Macau Sauna – Beauties from overseas in Macao

Emperor Sauna Place hired hundreds of beauty masseurs from Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, and Scandinavia. It’s definitely an World’s Sauna. Emperor Hotel Sauna Service also provides lots of sex toys from Japan. The hotel also offers interactive games every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


“It’s not impossible to be coop up in sauna place.” Said Jimmy. Today, people know how to enjoy their life. Recreation centers have focused on their service quality. The performances of masseurs in Emperor Sauna Place are distinguished from others. All the staff are proper trained. The perfect massage performances are just right for customers.


In addition to the enjoying beauty massage service, you can also do other entertainments. Emperor Hotel provides Internet service, food (in Emperor’s Kitchen), and etc. You can enjoy Western-style cuisine in luxury VIP room. iGUIDE SAUNA BEAUTY AGENT reminds you: don’t forget to try sauna service during your trip in Macau.


Finally, “It’s not impossible to be coop up in Emperor Sauna Place.” Said Jimmy. Today, people know how to enjoy their life. Recreation centers have focused on their service quality. Beside beauty massage service, Emperor Hotel also provides Internet service and food from Emperor’s Kitchen. You can enjoy Western-style cuisine in your VIP room.

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Location:51 R. de Xangai, Macau

Phone Number:+853-2878-6696

Open Hour:24 hrs