Macau Sauna East Spa Club Information

A must-visit place for nightlife in Macao

It’s a relaxing sauna center combining spa, arts and nightlife



Your iGUIDE  SAUNA Beauty Agent Dolly, comes to Macau again. This time, Doris comes to Macao’s downtown to introduce you East Spa Club on the 6th floor of Waldo Hotel.


Macau Sauna East Spa Club – Waldo Hotel in Macao

iGUIDE SAUNA learns from our sauna commissioner Martin that East Spa Club is an entertainment complex with various features of sauna and nightclub.


Macau Sauna East Spa Club – The best Sauna nightlife in Macao

In Macau, East Spa Club and Macau 18 Sauna are two entertainment places you should never miss out on. It’s so luxury as a five-star hotel. The sauna place has the latest equipment like bathtubs or massage rooms. They also offer a relaxing lounge and some different themed rooms !


East Spa Club is one of the best sauna in Macao which offers you a fantastic sauna experience there.

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Macau Sauna Emperor Hotel – Macao Sauna

East Spa Club Macau Sauna – Have the Ultimate Sensory Experiences in Macao

As you enter East Spa Club, staff will check your identity. Then you can go to locker room to take off your clothes and take a bath. You can see bikinis girls chatting near the bathroom who will accompany you while you take a bath!


After the bath, those bikini ladies will help you put on sauna underwear, and then they lead you to the rest area where you can read magazines, get something to eat or do massage.


East Spa Club also provides a bar which offers a variety of alcoholic beverages. You can drink while singing a song in karaoke, also enjoying the lively atmosphere like you were in nightclub.

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World’s Best Sauna

East Spa Club Macau Sauna – Come and Enjoy the Best Sauna Service

Music starts at 9 p.m., and here comes the exciting game. The light dims down, around ten girls wearing tulle skirts sit across the guests. Tulle skirts are so transparent that you can easily see girls’ boobs and pussies. They wear nothing on their butt! When the sex games starts, you can touch boobs, grind thighs or lick ears. Girls change their seats frequently so that you can have a chance to touch every girl. You also can see girls doing a lap dance on other’s lap which indeed pump your blood!


You also can pay extra to play games and win real prizes. East Spa Club holds exciting games frequently which always make guests release their pressure.


At the end of amazing games, you can select a girl to your room. There are a bathroom and a large mirror beside the bed. The atmosphere is sexy and romantic! We are not going to introduce you the detail of the service, but Martin seems extremely satisfied with his experience. Come and give yourself a chance now!

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  • The price includes a 5% tax.

East Spa Club Macau Sauna

Address: J – Zape, Quarteirao 6, Macau

Phone: +853 2828 6666