Luxury and popularity Xiamen Night Club – Forever Young

First of it’s kind in Xiamen

Well-known for its luxury and popularity



Among all the night clubs in Xiamen, Forever Young is well-known for its luxury and popularity even in international tourists. Established in 2003, it didn’t take long for Forever Young to become the industry leader with highest popularity.


China nightclub Forever Young ─ Ocean View with Royal Sophistication

Forever Young situated in the heart of Xiamen financial district. A posh beach view location offers chic interiors and royal sophistication. It enables guests a majestic view of ocean before entering the club. Once you are in, its common to get blown away by the luxury of the decors and over the top furnishings. Forever Young aimed to create the most exhilarating and effortless experience for guests.


The parking lot and valet are embedded right in front of the club ensuring guests easy access and convenience. The club amenities include 163 themed VIP suites to your choices.


The themes range from modern chic to royal palace- you name it!All suites are created to satisfy guests with different needs and wants. Moreover, Forever Young is the perfect fusion of the East and West. Many international patrons are left with unique and invigorating impressions.

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Notes From iGUIDE NightClub

Glance of Menu and Charges

Xiamen Night Club - Forever Young-Glance of Menu and Charges
*Appetizers and Alcoholic beverages are included
RM 62-124 of gratuity is highly appreciated

Forever Young Night Club Xiamen ─ 7700+ Courtesans

With more than 700 ladies, the guests are bound to find one or multiple that would catch his eyes. There is a comprehensive menu for guests to choose the services to receive. After that, the guests are brought to negotiating room to settle the price (range from RM 310-1,900). Whether its companionship, wine and dine, massage, lap dance, head to toe experience or after party, the guests are destined to go down the erotic fantasy lane.

Forever Young earned its reputation for the capability to fulfill all guests needs without breaking banks. The experience will invigorate your soul and body.

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About Forever Young Night Club in Xiamen

Phone+86 592 506 5333
Address: Xiamen, Fujian Province, China Siming District, Xiamen Hubin Road 293-299 South Lake Pearl 1-5 floor
Business Hours:18:00pm – 02:00am