Specialized night clubs in Taiwan – Royal Night Club

Royal Night Club Taipei

Stands out for the quality of the ladies

Specialized night clubs in Taiwan - Royal Night Club


Among the most popular specialized night clubs in Taiwan, Royal stands out for the quality of the ladies. Not only the ladies dress in her own wardrobe instead of uniforms, but they tend to have higher education thus represent the “whole package deal “ in the adult entertainment industry. Let’s take a look why Royal is the favorite among politicians and business executives.


Taiwan Royal Night Club – Five Star Luxury and Royal Service

Located on the lower level of the intersection of Fu-Hsin South Road and Shinyi Road, Royal Nigh Club has the grand palace interiors including a newly renovated lounge bar. Live bands and music performances are on frequent schedule in order to provide the most relaxing ambience to the guests.

Specialized night clubs in Taiwan - Royal Night Club

政商名流首选 台湾富丽皇家夜总会(紫爵)

Guests can reserve private VIP rooms with assigned servers who provide five star royal treatments. The ladies dress in their most marvelous wardrobe to satisfy your taste and fantasy. Royal Nigh Club is tailored to high income level consumers who like to escape real life and live out the desires fully and exhilaratingly.

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The Whole Package – Royal Night Club Taipei, Taiwan

One of the most appealing quality of Royal Night Club is the outstanding quality of the ladies. The ladies are professionally trained adult entertainers and are able to strike up conversations in all topics.

Specialized night clubs in Taiwan - Royal Night Club

政商名流首选 台湾富丽皇家夜总会(紫爵)

Royal Night club has the highest standard when it comes to recruiting the entertainers- she needs to be beautiful inside and out!

政商名流首选 台湾富丽皇家夜总会(紫爵)

You are guaranteed to have the best of you time when you come to the Royal Night Club and take the ladies with you on the field trip!

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The guideline for the charges

Gratuity is automatically added- 17% of consumption

About Royal Night Club

Business Hours:Mon- Sat 14:00 pm- 21:00 pm, 21:00 pm- 3:00 am

Address:Rm. b1, No.380, Sec. 1, Fuxing S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Phone︰+886 931 200 617