Legend of Apollo – Shenzhen Sun Nightclub in China

The oldest nightclub in Shenzhen

Elegant Style

Legend of Apollo-Shenzhen Sun Nightclub


Used to be called Dafuhao Nightclub, Sun International Nightclub (or Sun Island Nightclub) is a classic five-star nightclub. Well-known for its reasonable prices, Sun International Nightclub has good reputation in China nightclub. Opened in March, 1999, Sun International Nightclub is the oldest nightclub in Shenzhen. With the high quality and innovative services, Sun International Nightclub has continuous customers coming every night.


Shenzhen Sun International Nightclub – Personalized Characteristic Entertainment

Located in the lively downtown of Shenzhen, Sun International Nightclub wisely infuses modern style with classic elegant style. Having six floors, taking up more than 50000 square meters, Sun International Nightclub has wide spaces decorated magnificently. When you step in Sun International Nightclub, you will have the misconception of walking into a real palace.Here has about 200 luxurious boxes in different sizes and types to satisfy customers’ need. Besides KTV, there are disco bar, dancing hall and accommodation. The top class DJs bring the parties to life with continuous dancing music. Furthermore, the disco bar has the bouncing floor and rotating dance floor. The innovative environment and brand-new ideas to play make the one-stop service.

Legend of Apollo-Shenzhen Sun Nightclub

It is said that you will never know how amazing the nightlife is in Shenzhen if you never visit Sun International Nightclub.
阿波罗传奇 - 深圳太阳国际夜总会
Radiating Yellow Lights Like the Sun, the Decorating Works Inside Are Resplendent.

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Hosts and Mistresses Serving Both Genders – China Sun International Nightclub

If you just want to be intoxicated with handsome guys’ or beauties’ service, Sun International Nightclub will never disappoint you. The staffs here are all strictly selected on height, figure, temperament, appearance and even the level of speaking English. The real five-star services are provided here. If you are looking for a shelter from the hustle and bustle of city, it’ll be a good choice to pay a visit to Sun International Nightclub!

Legend of Apollo-Shenzhen Sun Nightclub

Many types of  beauties can be selected here!

Legend of Apollo-Shenzhen Sun NightclubLegend of Apollo-Shenzhen Sun Nightclub

Everywhere Is Decorated in Gold, Showing How Grand Here Is.

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Minimum consumption in the boxes of Sun International Nightclub

1F~3F (High class business private club)

Legend of Apollo– Shenzhen Sun International Nightclub

4F (Normal club)

Legend of Apollo– Shenzhen Sun International Nightclub

Host: Tip is at least 800 CNY. Taking-out fee is at least 3000 CNY

Mistress: Tip is at least 600 CNY. Taking-out fee is at least 1000 CNY

Shenzhen Sun International Nightclub

Tel:+137 6043-7958

Business Hour:19:00  – 02:00

Official Website:http://ktvtyd.com/

Address: 1F, Happy building, Sungang East Road, Shenzhen, Luohu District

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