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We can see extravagant, luxurious decoration in every single corner inside Wang-fu Night Club, which can be found at the ninth floor of Star World Hotel. iGUIDE NIGHTCLUB Beauty Agent – LEXI introduction to you: Star World Hotel, settled in the most prosperous place of Macau, Avenida da Amizade, had been awarded “ the most customer-satisfying hotel brand” once since the beginning of its business on Oct, 19, 2006, launched by Galaxy Entertainment, who plays a critical role of the hotel’s management . Star World Hotel is only 3 minutes away from Hong Kong — Macau Ferry Terminal, that it is indeed pretty convenient for visitors. As one of the largest entertainment and gambling corporation in Asia, Galaxy Entertainment spent 3 billion dollars on the construction of Star World Hotel


Macau Night Club Wang-fu – Enjoy Yourself Like an Emperor Nightclub

The building comes in 38 floors, and it is the highest 5-star hotel in Macao. The surface of the building, inlaid with doublelayered glass, brings out the concept of aurora by projecting the overlapping light and shadow. Furthermore, iGUIDE NIGHTCLUB tells you that we can see the beautiful view of the entire Macau from every angle inside the hotel, which is designed in a unique fashion. The facilities of the hotel is modernized and it is regarded as having the most deluxe rooms in Macau.


Wang-fu Night Club is a private club limited only for members, emphasizing the importance of the guest. It is said to be the most exclusive, well-serviced place in Macau. The VIPs are mostly from the casinos or the hotels nearby, and they usually splash out their money as if they are throwing out something worthless.

The hotel is designed with the main coverage of gold that stands for nobility, adding up some passionate red, as well as the European style furniture that creates the glorious shade that makes the guest feel like an emperor, in the name of Wang-fu Night Club meaning “palace” in Chinese.


The high-class service is one of the reasons why Wang-fu Night Club is the best private place to spend your leisure time. Also, Wang-fu Nigh Club has been seen as the most alluring landmark that makes Macau even more attractive.

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Hotel offers free shuttle bus at many places, including Hong Kong — Macau Terminal, and Border Gates, from 09:00 am ~ 02:00 am

Wang-fu Night Club Macau – All Kinds of Entertainments Available Here

In Wang-fu Night Club, there is a dragon made by transparent beads along with an extraordinary crystal chandelier. The night club is composed of 13 general boxes and the other 3 VIP premium boxes named “The Emperor”, “V8” and “The President”. The largest box can accommodate up to 50 guests, with all kind of recreational facilities, including exclusive wine cabinet, table tennis, advanced large audio devices, even the piano.


Only waitress can enter the box to supply VIP with special services, the waiters only deliver food and wine.


There are cigar rooms and individual offices for business members to be surrounded by the comfortable environment and feel relaxed while keeping their noses to the grindstone.


Besides, in Wang-fu Night Club, there are beauties from all over the world. As one can imagine, the ladies are mostly tall, slim, pretty and young, the average height is likely around 170 cm. Most trades are limited up to 2 hours. If you want to stay all night, you will be charged for the price of 12 hours, average consumption amount from RM 498 to RM 935.

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RM 218,500 is required for the membership of Wang-fu Nightclub.

Wang-fu Night Club

Tel︰+853 2838 – 3838
Address︰Ninth floor of Star World Hotel, Avenida da Amizade, Macau
Business hours︰Monday ~ Sunday 20:00pm – 04:00am
Official website︰