Macau Night Club 9 – The Best Nightclub Destination

Ostentatious decorating and high Ceiling Design

Let you feel as if stepping into luxury ancient emperor’s palace

Macau Nightclub Club 9 - Fancy Night Club in Macao 1-1


With the guidance of receptionist, iGUIDE NIGHTCLUB finally has the opportunity to experience the fantastic atmosphere of Club No.9! Club No. 9 is located on the fifth floor of the L’Arc Hotel Macau. Its location is in the heart of the Dynasty Península de Macau, just five kilometers from the airport.


Macau NightClub Club 9 – A private reception hall with grandeur

You will be attracted by the extremely luxurious appearance of the building as standing outside the club. Club No. 9 covers a large area, spending a lot on its decorating work. The high ceiling design with the stylish atmosphere will let you feel as if breaking into the ostentatious ancient palace.

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On the way to the destination, the taxi driver is curious about our identities for the reason that Macau Club No. 9 is a designated nightclub for celebrities from both local places and oversea.

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Macau NightClub Club 9 – Magnificent and Lordly Box

In order to cater to customers’ need for nightlife entertainment, each room is decorated with distinctive styles. There are a total of 40 rooms which it’s hard to imagine how big the interior is.

Macau Nightclub Club 9 - Fancy Night Club in Macao 1-1

Clubs No.9 also often holds special parties. Basically, consumers coming to the place are normally the upper class such as tycoon or magnate from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Macau Nightclub Club 9 - Fancy Night Club in Macao 1-1

Tommy heard that a big boss from Taiwan came to celebrate his birthday and booked the whole VIP area. (VIP area and the general area are separate. VIP area has a total of 8 private rooms.) He then invited many super stars from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to join in his party. It’s almost like an awards ceremony!

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Club No. 9 is a stylish and upmarket place. Political and business celebrities often flock here, so it’s necessary for you to book facilities including piano, pool table, private lounge area and so on in advance!

Beauty Paradise – Macau Nightclub Club 9

Club No. 9 is well-known as the most high-quality nightclub in Macau. In addition to luxury and stylish decorating, ladies here are strictly selected with their appearance, feature and ages. Many beauties from different countries being here in Club No.9 makes it like an international beauty pageant.

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You will found the ladies’ manners, ways of talking and greetings are elegant and graceful through conversations with them. Most of them are selected by brokers and come to Macau after getting famous in Chinese nightclubs.

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In Club No. 9, you can enjoy the most exciting and memorable experience. The place is deserved to be called as the best nightclub in Macau. With the high quality of bar ladies, the price in Club No. 9 would be a bit pricey but surely you can get quite good and attentive service here.
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Macau Night Club 9 - The Best Nightclub

Club 9 Macau NightClub

TEL: 00853-8869 98888

Open Hour:16:00-04:00

Company Website:

Address:L’Arc Hotel Macau 5F, Avenida 24 de Junho, No.278, NAPE, Macau