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Displaying the Perfect Intoxicating Nightclub – Celebrity Nightclub


iGUIDE Night Club introduces you Macao Broadway Hotel (originally Grand Waldo Hotel) re-opened on May 27th, 2015. Celebrity Nightclub, which is ranked as the first place, is operated at the second and third floor in this hotel. Designed with fashion elements and decorated in luxurious style, Celebrity Nightclub shows the noble elegance in the intoxicating light.


Celebrity Nightclub – Enjoy the Top Class Singing Entertainment

Celebrity KTV situates on the third floor. Sumptuously decorated, there are lots of luxury suites with different features divided into small boxes, medium boxes and VIP suites to satisfy different customers’ needs, such as holding reunions or birthday parties. Each box has its individual restroom. All boxes are spacious and well-designed, especially the VIP suites. The VIP suites have bosun chairs, tennis table and corridor style double-layer design, giving customers the refreshing feeling.

Displaying the Perfect Intoxicating Nightclub – Celebrity Nightclub

Enjoy the top class singing entertainment here! There’s lounge bar gallery in the lobby, which is a great place for customers to drink with friends.

Displaying the Perfect Intoxicating Nightclub – Celebrity Nightclub

The good audio equipment and colorful lights effect create an ideal environment for singing. Celebrity KTV renews the music bank every two weeks so that customers won’t miss any songs they like.

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Displaying the Perfect Intoxicating Nightclub Atmosphere – Celebrity Nightclub

Identical Korean Ladies, High-Class Service – Celebrity Nightclub

The second floor is operated as a private club. This place initiates the exemption of mistress fee and taking out fee; they sell package ticket instead. The all-in-one service includes a ship ticket and the discount on the return ticket. Multiple considerate services are provided. There are also lots of boxes, some of which has royal bed and tennis table. Catering to customers’ needs, Celebrity Nightclub recruits beauties from everywhere, and most of them are in the first class among nightclubs. Moreover, they even hire Korean star-like mistresses. But whether the mistress would like to provide “special services” depends on her own will.

Displaying the Perfect Intoxicating Nightclub – Celebrity Nightclub

For those customers who like to challenge, this is a new type they can try out! Other high-quality services are still worth trying.

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Celebrity Nightclub has a charging system different from others, so the prices aren’t open to public clearly! It still depends on the items customers consume.

Celebrity Nightclub Information

Tel: +853 8883 – 3338

Business Hour: 8 : 00 pm – 03:00 am

Address: 2F,3F, Broadway Hotel, lote A1, Reclamation Area, Cotai, Macao

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