Legend of the Industry – Utopia Night Club Beijing

The Legend in the Industry

Utopia Night Club Beijing

Legend of the Industry - Utopia Night Club Beijing


iGUIDE NIGHTCLUB – Where would you call the Utopia for men- A place where men linger and fulfill their fantasies? The Utopia Night Cub Beijing; the most legendary night club where it meets all the your expectations!


Utopia Night Club Beijing – Five Star Interiors and Top Service

Conveniently located in the west side of Sun District and five minutes from Beijing International Airport, Utopia Night Club earned its legend for the heavenly breathtaking decor and superb quality of the ladies. The spacious club includes Karaoke rooms, dining area, lounge bar, dance floor, sauna and numerous VIP suites.

北京天上人间夜总会-奠定神话般的存在 北京天上人间夜总会-奠定神话般的存在

The VIP suites are the hearts of the Utopia. Three levels and presidential suites are designed to satisfy all your needs. The prices are RM 4205, RM 2,968 and RM 1,731 relatively. The presidential suites are reserved for the VIPs for RM 6,184 and up.


The well-stocked bar offers all and most exquisite liquors to your choice. Prices range from RM 618 to RM 506,997. Note that guests are waited by the female servers only and 15% of the consumption or RM309+/ per server of gratuity is expected.
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The Ladies and the After Party – Utopia Night Club Beijing

The infamous Utopia is well know for the ladies thus the price doesn’t come cheap. The ladies are recruited from all over the country with the most excruciating selection process. Guests are expected to be greeted with a friendly lineup. From the lineup, guests are to accompany by the ladies of the choices. Whether the guests are looking to sing karaoke, dance on the disco floor, or wine and dine, the ladies provide the most outstanding service to entice and fulfill all needs and wants. Moreover, upon guests request, you can take things further( after-party) with the lady of your choice and go on a sensual and erotic full service.

Legend of the Industry ─ Utopia Night Club Beijing

The prices of the services vary depending on the popularity of the ladies- the minimum of RM 1,855- RM 3,710 per lady per night is expected. Reservations are highly recommended.


Utopia are guaranteed to provide the guests the most sensual and voluptuous experience in the discrete environment. The experience is well-worth the price!
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About Utopia Night Club Beijing

Utopia Night Club Beijing

Phone︰+86 10 6590 9999
Business Hours︰ 20:30pm – 02:00am