Rolls-Royce of Nightclub – Beijing Regal Club

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Rolls - Royce of Nightclub - Beijing Regal Club


Regal Club lies in primary location Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing. This place is near the Beijing CBD business center. Regal Club is built here as a paradise outside of the most bustling area in Beijing. Regal Club can be virtually viewed as Rolls-Royce of China Nightclub. Since the opening in September, 2007, Regal Club has become a symbol of new culture and rising of new taste. Every detail is delicately luxurious and full of surprise, making everyone here a shining star in the banquet.


China Regal Club  Boldly Gorgeous and Resplendent Nightclub

As soon as you walk in, you will see the dragon pillars with scales mosaic holding up the three-floor-high magnificent hall. The Baroque patterns spread from the floor to the wall, creating mystery but lavish atmosphere. From the first to the third floor are private KTV boxes. There are six types of design in 50 rooms, using bold geometric patterns and cold colors to build the strong visual effect. They also provide smoke-free boxes decorated with black feathers to let you feel like being in the dream. Just experience the utmost luxury here.

Rolls-Royce of Nightclub-Beijing Regal Club

The Resplendent Hall and Luxurious Chandelier Express the Emperor’s Great Momentum.

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Heavenly Elegance and Resplendence – Beijing Regal Night Club

The fourth floor is operated as private VIP club called Heaven Club, which is a place for social party. This area is designed in innovative style. There’s an inductive sink in both men’s and women’s toilet, which makes this place interesting.

Rolls-Royce of Nightclub- Beijing Regal Club

People dancing to the music like it is real heaven. There are two areas for private boxes; East Palace and West Palace. East Palace is in Chinese traditional red, while West Palace is in modern passionate red. Just release yourself in this exclusive place! On the wall is the famous painting “Han Xizhai night banquet” responding to the noble’s confidence and elegance here. As a result, numerous celebrities, entrepreneurs and even politicians gather here.

Rolls - Royce of Nightclub - Beijing Regal Club

East Palace and West Palace All Bring You Travel through the Extravagant Lives in the Tide of Time

Rolls - Royce of Nightclub - Beijing Regal ClubRolls - Royce of Nightclub - Beijing Regal Club

Intriguing Lights Are All On. Feast on the Wine and Cuisines!

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Boxes and Charges in Regal Club:

Rolls-Royce of Nightclub - Beijing Regal Club

Charges on beverage:

Common cocktail: 30 RM

Soft drink: 20 RM

Beijing Regal Night Club 

Tel:+86 10-6500-1888

Official site:

Address:west side of 22nd floor, fourth yard (Pacific department store) , Gongti

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