Resort World Sentosa Casino in Singapore

The Grand Opening of Resort World Sentosa 
Writing the Record in Singapore Casino



On the first day of Lunar Calendar New Year in 2010, it was the grand opening of Resort World Sentosa Singapore. One hundred fifty thousand of people flooded in and almost paralyzed the island traffic. The opening of Resort World Sentosa Singapore symbolizes that Singapore, the country used to ban gambling, has joined the casino world!


Resort World Sentosa Casino in Singapore – Hotel and Shopping Mall Paradise

Resort World Sentosa Singapore is an integrated resort on the island of Sentosa in southern Singapore. It is owned by the Genting Malaysia and was the third most expensive building in the history of Singapore. Beating Las Vegas Sands Corp. to open casino in Singapore first, Genting Malaysia has written the record to be the first casino in Singapore.


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Casino Resort World Sentosa in Singapore – Resort Suitable for Family

Though featuring the World Casino, Sentosa also has a variety of entertainment and places for vacation; S.E.A Aquarium, Dolphin Park, Adventure Cove Park, Thick Eye Museum, Royal Albotrass Sunset Trail, seven different types of vacation hotel, ESPA Jacuzzi center, Resort World Conference Center and lots of restaurants and shops. The most important of all it’s the international sightseeing spot loved by adults and children — Universal Studios Singapore.


Singapore Casino – Resort World Sentosa Hotel Cuisines and Shopping

iGUIDE CASINO will show you around the whole Resort World Sentosa! For those who loves delicacies and shopping, Casino Festival Boulevard is a place you should never miss !

Resort-World-Sentosa-Casino-in-Singapore Resort-World-Sentosa-Casino-in-Singapore

Casino Festival Boulevard is the first-class retail store area in Resort World Sentosa even in the whole Sentosa Island. The shopping area has everything from the basis necessaries to luxurious indulgence. There are lots of famous brands of clothes, Avant-garde concept stores and amazing galleries setting their counters here.


Besides, Resort World Sentosa bring its home-town cuisine – Malaysia dishes to the Sentosa island. In the Malaysia food street, you can savor the delicious local food, which is fantastic in Ya Yuan and the whole team’s opinion. On the Casino Festival Boulevard there are a plenty of international instant food brands that you might be familiar with.

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Notes from iGUIDE CASINO

Comparing with the Macau Casino Hotel we introduced before, Resort World Sentosa Casino is more exotic.

Resort World Sentosa Casino – One of the Biggest S.E.A Aquarium in the World

The azure ocean is always giving Ya Yuan lots of fantasies. So this time we are here in Resort World Sentosa, there’s no reason we should miss S.E.A. Aquarium! Different from other aquarium, S.E.A. Aquarium has history itself demonstrating the story of Zheng He’s voyage 600 years ago with 1:1 ship model. It’s so marvelous!

Resort-World-Sentosa-Casino-in-Singapore Resort-World-Sentosa-Casino-in-Singapore Resort-World-Sentosa-Casino-in-Singapore

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Resort World Sentosa Casino in Singapore Introduction

The casino lies right in the middle of Resort World Sentosa. Though taking less than 5% of lands, the casino is the biggest cash cow! The entertainment area is divided into two; one is for foreigners (and don’t forget the passport for the entrance examination!), while the other is for local people charging for 100 Singapore Dollar (about RMB 480 / MYR 310 /940 ribu) as entrance fee. The collection of the levy is used towards the charity and public causes. The casino doesn’t keep any profit.


At the casino you will enjoy the most memorable experience. Sentosa Casino has more than 500 table games with professionally trained staff, electronic table games and more than 2,400 slot machines occupied more than 15,000 square feet. It’s like the Las Vegas Casino in Singapore!


There are more than 20 games waiting for you, such as Baccarat, Roll the Dice, The Roulette, Blackjack, etc. From time to time there are old school songs playing and free beverage giving here, attracting many retired people’s visit. Sentosa casino is operated 24 hours a day daily. Singapore government promotes responsible gambling. It is for the casino to achieve both enjoyable and safe experience for guests.

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Notes from iGUIDE CASINO

Business Hours-
S.E.A. Aquarium:10:00AM ~ 19:00PM
Universal Studios Singpore:10:00AM ~ 19:00PM
Casino:24hr open
Shops and Restaurants:Check the weekly schedule

Resort World Sentosa Casino

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island Singapore 098269

Phone: +65 6577 8888