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Beautiful Entertainment Park - BADEN-BADEN Casino


Constructed in 1824, Baden-Baden Kurhaus is world-famous and the landmark of this city. Baden-Baden owns not only the spring, but also the biggest and oldest world casino in Germany since 1809, which attracts tourists from all over the world.


BADEN-BADEN Casino Hotel –A Sacred Place of Art with Noble Style

Located in south Germany, Baden-Baden means “hot spring hot spring” in German, which directly points out the feature of this city. The history of Baden-Baden hot spring can be traced back to Rome empire in 12th century. It has been a famous hot spring sanatorium in Europe since then. Among the Rome style baths, Caracalla Therme and Friedrichsbad are the most famous ones. Many tourists come to enjoy the hot spring and relax here.

Beautiful Entertainment Park - BADEN-BADEN Casino

Baden-Baden is a sacred place of art with noble style. Besides hot springs, Baden-Baden owns the oldest casino, the biggest opera theater and concert hall compatible for 2500 people. Since late 18th century, Baden-Baden started to build luxurious hotels, casinos and sanatorium. The noble who had visited here called Baden-Baden “The Summer Capital of Europe”. Of course continual visit by celebrities adds up an entertainment atmosphere in Baden-Baden.

Beautiful Entertainment Park - BADEN-BADEN Casino

The Magnificent Hall of Sanatorium Integrates Theater, Venue and Casino in One.

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Germany BADEN-BADEN Casino Is A Historical Place for Entertainment

The appearance of the building is Baroque style, while inside is decorating in extravagant style like French Palace in 18th century. The ceilings and walls are decorated with oil paintings, and the exquisite chandelier shines in the resplendent room. The six gas lights at the gate have stood for more than 150 years. They are the only gas lights remaining till now in Germany since then. Numerous celebrities has rated here as the most beautiful casino in the world. Baden-Baden Casino has never ceased operating since its opening. So far, it has attracted more than sixty thousand tourists to try out gambling.

Beautiful Entertainment Park - BADEN-BADEN Casino

Because the casino here is solemn quiet, and making people feel at the real palace, it is also called “Kurhaus Casino” in local. Besides casino, there are concert hall and ballroom. In daytime, it is open to tourists for sightseeing. At night, dressed-up ladies and suit-up gentlemen gather here. If you dress too casual, you would be inhibited from entering the casino. So please pay attention on your clothes. In the “Most Beautiful Casino”, change your most fashionable clothes and spend the whole night having fun on playing the historical games!

Beautiful Entertainment Park - BADEN-BADEN Casino

Baroque style decorating works embody the noble life

Beautiful Entertainment Park - BADEN-BADEN Casino

Characteristic rooms have different table games. Appreciate the decorating and have fun on playing new games!

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High-class Enjoyment in the Diverse Traditional World BADEN-BADEN Casino

Baden-Baden Casino provides multiple choices on entertainment. They have professional people serving from traditional French Roulette, American Roulette to Blackjack. Baden-Baden is also the first casino passed on the ISO-EN 9001 certification.

Beautiful Entertainment Park - BADEN-BADEN Casino

If you are new to casino and not familiar with the rules, the casino will open a lecture for new beginners hourly from 8 pm on every Friday and Saturday. Aside from these, customers can go to visit the concert hall or ballroom to experience the European romance.

Beautiful Entertainment Park - BADEN-BADEN CasinoBeautiful Entertainment Park - BADEN-BADEN Casino

Big casino provides multiple entertainment with various ways to play.

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Notes from iGUIDE CASINO

Baden-Baden Casino charges differently on different gambling tables.

Minimum bet:

Beautiful Entertainment Park - BADEN-BADEN Casino

Casino is open till midnight every day except for a few national holiday. Entering Baden-Baden Casino, you need to dress up formally. There are coats and neckties for rent. Only tourists over 21 year-old are allowed to enter the casino.


Tel:+49 7221-353-204

Official website:

Business Hour: 14:00-03:30

Address:Kaiserallee 1, 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany