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Integrating Gambling and Shopping Mall in One

The Most Beautiful Landscape in Macao

颠覆传统赌场理念 — 澳门回力海立方娱乐场

Opened in December, 2009, Oceanus Entertainment Place locates in the hub of Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal, across from the wharf. As soon as you get off the ship, you’ll see Oceanus in front of you! This is the only entertainment place connected with Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal by skywalk in Macao. Occupying the prime location, Oceanus is near Taxi station and bus station, which makes it the most convenient entertainment place.


Macao Casino Oceanus ─ The Most Beautiful Landscape

One of the reasons why tourists like Oceanus is its appearance. The outside of Oceanus is consisted of irregular cushions set in the wall; red, yellow, blue, green and purple switching to another, as if there are lots of colorful bubbles surrounding the building. Inside Oceanus is designed of famous designer Paul Steelman; themed with blue, matching with red, orange and green. No matter inside or outside brings people the feeling of ocean, which makes Oceanus the most beautiful landscape in Macao.

颠覆传统赌场理念 — 澳门回力海立方娱乐场
颠覆传统赌场理念 — 澳门回力海立方娱乐场

It only takes three minutes to walk from the Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal to Oceanus Entertainment Place.
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Free shuttle bus of Oceanus
Oceanus — Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal: 09:00am – 23:00pm , every ten minutes

Subvert the Traditional Casino Concept – Macao Oceanus Casino

In Oceanus, there are no luxury suites of hotel or resplendent performance, but simply three-layer casino building, taking up more than 32,000 square meters. There are more than 260 gambling tables and 560 “Take the Tiger” consoles, providing more than nine games for customers to choose, including Baccarat, Three-card Baccarat, Dice games, Blackjack, Caribbean Poker, Roulette, Fantan, Casino Battle and Fish-prawn-crab. Oceanus has three levels of VIP; Classic, Superior and Honorable. VIP members has lots of bonuses and honorable treatment, such as feedback bonuses, discount on food, drinks and gifts and free parking service.

回力海立方娱乐场 - 颠覆传统赌场理念

There are lots of games in Oceanus Casino waiting for you to try out!



The newest models of “Take the Tiger” consoles are in Oceanus. On the second floor there are high-bet VIP rooms to satisfy different needs of customers.

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Oceanus Entertainment Place - Integrating Gambling and Shopping Mall

Oceanus provides a series of gourmet and shopping service, integrating gambling, entertainment, gourmet and shopping mall in one resort. The restaurants and bars in Oceanus combine the characteristic cuisines and entertainment perfectly. This enables customers to watch the performances while they are having fun with the entertainment facilities. Customers can feast on their visual sense and belly at the same time. Oceanus is the first entertainment place having a large 3D screen inside the casino. The cutting-edge audiovisual effect creates the unique entertaining atmosphere.


Customers can watch the performance on the stage while having the cuisines.

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Oceanus Entertainment Place

Tel:  +853 8801 3388
Address: 1470~1526th, Avenida Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macao

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