Macau Casa Real Hotel – Portuguese Castle Casino

The Romance of Portuguese Castle

Casa Real Hotel has a special appearance which will impress everyone

Macau Casa Real Hotel – Portuguese Castle Casino


Macau Casa Real Hotel is the first thematic hotel in Macau. The whole exquisite design is based on Portuguese castle. There are even pictures of Portuguese landscapes hung on the walls. Everything is to make customers feel the real Portuguese style. It only takes 15 minutes from the airport to Casa Real Hotel. The rooms here are comfortable and spacious. Free breakfast buffet is provided. iGUIDE CASINO recommend if you want to enjoy your relaxing time to the fullest, why not pay a visit to Casa Real Hotel?


Macau Casino Casa Real Hotel – The Noble and Elegant Portuguese Romance

Having 381 fully-equipped exquisite rooms, Casa Real Hotel might not be the most lavish hotel in Las Vegas, but everything needed is provided to meet different demand of customers. There are different types of 4-star or above room for different needs. So unlike other hotels, Casa Real Hotel makes its own way out to serve customers.

Macau Casa Real Hotel – Portuguese Castle Casino 澳门皇家金堡酒店 — 葡式古堡雅致浪漫风情

The rooms are spacious with fantastic mountain views. The European-castle-style decorating combines noble, elegant, comfortable and minimalism all together. Decorating works inside is classic and elegant.

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A Variety of Delicacies and Entertainment Gathering Here – Macau Casa Real Hotel Casino

Casa Real Hotel provides a variety of delicacies. The Pena Restaurant provides local and international food. The Imperial Chinese Restaurant provides Min dishes and Cantonese cuisines. South Europe atmosphere must be the feature of dining here. Knight Bar has a variety of wines, fine cakes and snacks. Imperial Sauna is 24hr opening with swimming pool and fitness equipment.

Macau Casa Real Hotel – Portuguese Castle Casino

澳门皇家金堡酒店 — 葡式古堡雅致浪漫风情

Casa Real Hotel integrates massage, delicacies and entertainment in one. Customers can savor the life in Portuguese palace here. A Brand-new Experience of Amusement with Portuguese Romance.

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Macau Casa Real Hotel – Comfortable and Graceful Amusement Casino

Casa Real Casino lies in B1 and B2. The hall is designed in elegant and comforting style. If you want to know what’s the feeling of betting a little in Portuguese castle, Casa Real Casino is waiting for your visit.

Macau Casa Real Hotel – Portuguese Castle Casino 澳门皇家金堡酒店 — 葡式古堡雅致浪漫风情 澳门皇家金堡酒店 — 葡式古堡雅致浪漫风情

Over 70 kinds of table games are set here including Baccarat and Blackjack. What’s more, there are over 120 “Take the Tiger” consoles aside.


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Minimum bet in Casa Real Casino

RM 88

Macau Casa Real Hotel

Tel:+853 2872 6288
Address: No. 1118, Avenida do. dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau, Macau
Official Website: