The South Beach Scenery – Tropicana Resort & Casino

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The South Beach Scenery - Tropicana Resort & Casino


Tropicana Resort & Casino has stood in Las Vegas Strip, Nevada for over 50 years. Tropicana Resort & Casino was opened in 1957, while the 21-floor hotel building was built up in 1979, and the Island Tower was built up in 1986. So far this Las Vegas casino owns 1,878 rooms and casino taking up 61,000 square meter, attracting both local and foreign tourists coming for vacation and entertainment.


Las Vegas Tropicana Resort & Casino – Historical Tropical Decorations and the First-class Entertainment

Tropicana Las Vegas – A Doubletree by Hilton Hotel and Resort lies on south Las Vegas Strip. It takes only 10 minutes by car from this historical vacation resorts to McCarran Airport. Tropicana Resort has a casino taking up 4,500 square meters with the famous Italian restaurant Bacio, palm trees surroundings, the best rated waterfall swimming pool, swirl Jacuzzi, Spa and gym.

The South Beach Scenery - Tropicana Resort & Casino

Each room in Tropicana Resort is decorated with warm color, creating an atmosphere of tropical south beach. The first-class service includes the Cherry Boom performance in Tropicana Theater, the world-famous Laugh Factory and the live concert at the Tropicana Lounge. Last but not least, this is the most wonderful casino in the area, and you should never miss the casino in Tropicana.

沙漠中的南海滩风情 - 热带花园酒店
You can still feel the vibrant tropical style at the swimming pool in Tropicana Resort in cold Nevada.

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Legendary Casino with Diversity and Modern Elegant Private Space- Nevada Tropicana Resort & Casino

Tropicana is one of the ten biggest casinos. The main play of Legendary Casino is High Limit Table Games. This vibrant casino definitely has the Las Vegas games you like the most. This space doesn’t only provide a serial of table games but also leave elegant private spaces for those who want high stakes.

The South Beach Scenery - Tropicana Resort & Casino

Besides having 800 “Take the Tiger” and Lucky Roulette consoles, Tropicana Resort has HD screens to give customers the clearest visual effect. Here also has Sports Betting. You can directly bet, take part in, open quotation or even bet on horses. Tropicana provides a betting environment with the cutting-edge technology! You can even download your own casino app on your cellphone, choose the game you want and bet on it. No matter what you decide to play, it is recommended to register in the casino player service for the free bonus program. For example, there are games in which you can win for free entrance or upgrade on the suites in casino, or even the free accommodation! Tropicana opens 24 hours, seven days a week. Welcome to have fun in the legendary adventurous casino!

The South Beach Scenery - Tropicana Resort & CasinoThe South Beach Scenery - Tropicana Resort & Casino

Bright and Spacious Casino. Professional Services on the Gambling Tables.

The South Beach Scenery - Tropicana Resort & Casino

HD Screens, Comfortable and Ergo-designed Chairs for Take the Tiger Consoles.

The South Beach Scenery - Tropicana Resort & Casino

Large Casino Provides Multiple Choices of Games. Fun for Single Man or Group Trip.

The South Beach Scenery - Tropicana Resort & CasinoThe South Beach Scenery - Tropicana Resort & Casino

The Comfortable Tropical Suites. Auditorium, SPA Room, Swimming Pool and High-class Restaurant.

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Notes from iGUIDE CASINO

  1. Minimum bet: 34 CNY for Table games
  2. Game Bonus: Ranging from 269 to 168,233 CNY
  3. Tropicana Casino is only open to people aged over 21
  4. Time Schedule for Sports Betting:

Weekdays: 12:00 pm~8:00 pm

Weekends: 8:00 am~9:00 pm

USA Las Vegas Tropicana Resort and Casino


Official Site:

Address:3801 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 USA