The casino that Tops the World: Bellagio Las Vegas

1.5 Billion USD

Magnificent Exterior of Bellagio



Our iGUIDE CASINO Beauty Agent, Jennifer arrived Las Vegas. We can see a wide variety of resplendent, eye-catching architectures of casinos, hotels, and night clubs, that bring out the glamorous side of the main icon of gambling. There are approximately 30 million tourists per year and it gives result to the additional 4 billion USD income. Right now, Jennifer is going to introduce this iconic figure: Bellagio Las Vegas!


Las Vegas casino – The Bellagio Casino Hotel

As soon as we entered the lobby, 2000 blooming handmade glass flowers seem welcoming from the ceiling. It’s one of the peculiarities of Bellagio, an artwork entitled 《Fiori di Como》by a notable artist Dale Chihuly.

The-casino-that-Tops-the-World-Bellagio-Las-Vegas The-casino-that-Tops-the-World-Bellagio-Las-Vegas

Bellagio Las Vegas is a well-known 5-star hotel with extraordinary European fashion. You might come and indulge in the feelings of elegance, romance, and luxury!

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The Bellagio Casino Hotel – Fancy Fountain Music Show

Bellagio Las Vegas has been a popular tourist site since its grand opening in 1988. Settled on Las Vegas Boulevard, the most prosperous district in Vegas, the fountain covering about three hectares makes Bellagio the focus under the spotlight. It is as expansive as a natural lake, with astonishing music and light shows.


The entire image of the fountain, especially when merged with the night sky, is so breathtaking that words aren’t sufficient to describe. It becomes a requisite spot for tourists due to its great sensory experience. If you could only visit one place in Vegas, without a doubt, the fountain of Bellagio must be your best choice. In short, the stunning fountain show of Bellagio, is a integral part of a trip to Vegas that will never be left behind.


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Notes from iGUIDE CASINO

— Schedule of the fountain show —

Weekdays 15:00PM—20:00PM (once per 30 min)

Weekends 12:00PM—20:00PM (once per 30 min)

       20:00PM—00:00AM (once per 15 min)

*Duration of eachshow: 5 min

The Bellagio Las Vegas Casino Hotel – Mysterious Poker Room

With the size of 116,000 square feet, the casino is equipped with 2,300 Slot Machines, a hundred gambling tables and the equivalent number of sports betting pit. Also, its largest prize can be added up to millions of US dollars. Bellagio Las Vegas possesses top-level poker rooms, with a special area, Bobby’s Room, designed for private use. The name is derived from the youngest champion of 1978 Word Poker Competition, Bobby Baldwin.


Although there are merely two gambling tables in Bobby’s Room, there are dreamy teams of poker masters wager piles of chips from time to time, like what we’ve seen in movie scenes. If you want to start your own round in Bobby’s Room, RM 80,457 wager is the basic requirement. Thanks to the mentioned above, Jennifer has heard about many legendary stories that took place in this mysterious place, which make Bellagio even more intriguing.



Bellagio Las Vegas offers the most premium, fantastic poker rooms, with a vast area of fashion boutiques, delicious buffets, and many other fun stuff to enjoy.


Notes from iGUIDE CASINO

At least RM 80,457 wager is required for your own round in Bobby’s Room.

“O” Show by Cirque du Soleil In The Bellagio Casino Hotel 

Watching a live show is an indispensable activity while traveling to Las Vegas. It might be a coincidence that Cirque du Soleil’s Top 1. classic blockbuster, “O” Show is on at Bellagio. The ticket for the show comes in different prices: RM 421, RM 464, RM 557, and RM 662. There’s a main stage which contains 1.5 million gallons of water, with more than 80 outstanding stuntmen and athletes.


The show includes synchronized swimming that associated with water, and by contrast, flames can also be seen during the show. Water and flames created a aesthetic conflict that makes the audiences absolutely impressive. Consequently, “O” Show has been considered as the first place of the essentials by Cirque du Soleil. If you are going to visit Bellagio, don’t miss this admirable, brilliant performance !


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Notes from iGUIDE CASINO

Ticket for “O” Show comes in different prices listed below: RM 421, RM 464, RM 557, and RM 662, in accordance with the official information.

Information on Casino Hotel in Las Vegas – Bellagio

Check in / out time:15:00 p.m. / 11:00 a.m.

Address: 3325 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

Tel: 1-866-983-4279

Official website: