The Popular Vacation Spot – Crown Burswood Casino

Six-star-rated Facilities

The Biggest Casino in the Southern Hemisphere

The Popular Vacation Spot - Crown Burswood Casino


Melbourne Crown Burswood is a famous resort & world casino in Australia Burswood. Crown Burswood Resort is composed of casino, hotel, conference center, theater and two banquet halls. This is the biggest and the only entertainment resort in the southern hemisphere.


Melbourne Crown Burswood Casino – Utmost Luxury Hotel with Technology

Melbourne Crown Burswood Casino Hotel lies in west Australia, the southern coast of Victoria, near Yarra Riverbank. Opened in 1994, Crown Resort is a feature of Melbourne Central Business District in southern coast. Besides having a pure white appearance, taking up more than 165,500 square meters, Crown Resort has become the biggest entertainment resort complex in southern hemisphere and one of the biggest entertainment centers in the world after years of hardship.So far Crown Resort owns four hotels; Crown Tower, Crown Promenade, Crown Metropol and Queensbridge. Let’s take a look at the buildings inside; there is a skywalk connecting three hotels. Crown Resort has more than 1,300 rooms over 43 floors, 40 restaurants, 19 bars, 3 nightclubs, 14 theaters and a 500-meter-long boutiques shopping street. They have integrated top entertainment place, luxurious hotel, big casino, more than 20 brands of boutiques and exotic cuisine in Crown Resort.

The Popular Vacation Spot - Crown Burswood Casino

Aside from their high-quality and luxury service, what’s the most special to mention is the entrance of the hotel hall, which is also called “light house”. The “light house” fuse light and dark through the voice and images to let customers experience the beauty of season changing. Such high technology and top enjoyment will surely make tourists feel the leisure and merriment.

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The Mark of Victoria – Australia Crown Burswood Casino

Since opened in 1997, Crown Casino has become the biggest site and mark of Victoria. Crown Casino is on duty all year and 24 hour except Christmas, Good Friday and ANZAC Day. In these three holiday the casino isn’t open from 4 am to 12 pm. Crown Casino owns 2,500 “Take the Tiger” consoles and 350 gambling tables. The main gambling games are Poker, Baccarat, Dice games, Classic Blackjack and electronic fast roulette games, etc. There are theme gambling halls such as Exquisite Teak Hall, Charming Las Vegas Hall and Exquisite Mahogany Hall.

The Popular Vacation Spot - Crown Burswood Casino

Aside from the games provided by the casino, there are a variety of restaurants, bars, hall to watch sport events broadcasting on the big screen or theaters to enjoy the movies. Crown Casino is famous for providing customers with all-round entertainment and therefore become the shining star in center Melbourne. Besides the main gambling floor, Crown Casino prepares exclusive space for Texas Poker in b1. Here is not just the biggest entertainment place in southern hemisphere, but also a place giving gamblers various choices on gambling and sense of excitement when pursuing wealth.

The Popular Vacation Spot - Crown Burswood Casino

Over 350 Gambling Tables with Professional Service. The Entertainment Place Fits All Your Needs

The Popular Vacation Spot - Crown Burswood Casino

Incredible 2,500 “Take the Tiger” Consoles. VIP Fashionable Design Personal Bar.

The Popular Vacation Spot - Crown Burswood Casino

Wide New Modern Chairs. Full-equipped Computers.

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Luxury Enjoyment in Australia Melbourne Crown Casino

Crown Casino Hotel provides spacious exquisite suites with beautiful view of sea. Each room has many art works and marble bathroom equipment. Customers can go to Crown Casino or Entertainment Complex to enjoy the exotic restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theaters and boutiques shopping street. Aside from these, there’s Crown SPA Center giving facial service, massage and beauty care courses. There also are fully-equipped gym and steam chamber for people to work out and relax.

The Popular Vacation Spot - Crown Burswood Casino

Customers can have the good view of city and Port Phillip in Crown Hotel. The hustle and bustle Melbourne southern coast is another great choice for multiple entertainment, cuisines and traveling. This place will surely bring customers a brand-new experience of six-star service.

The Popular Vacation Spot - Crown Burswood Casino

Spacious Exquisite Suites with Sea Views, Exotic Cuisines from Different Countries, Relaxing SPA Center Is at Your Choice.

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Notes from iGUIDE Casino

Perth Crown Casino doesn’t clarify all the charges on each game.

Minimum Bet:

Take the Tiger: 7 CNY

Al Table Games: 34 CNY

VIP Rooms: 34 CNY

There are casino guidelines provided and 24-hr professional staff for inquiries in Chinese and English. People under 18 are forbidden to enter the casino.

Australia Crown Burswood Casino

Tel:+61 3-9292-8888

Official site:

Business Hour: 24-hr

Address:Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood WA 6100 Australia